"VIVAX 2.0" - Colson Germany´s new generation of plastic castors

With many years of experience we are a specialist for the production of plastic castors and have been successfully selling the "VIVAX" castor series, which is established in the market, for many years. 
After further optimisation regarding function and design, we are looking forward to present you the new castor series generation "VIVAX 2.0", which you can now purchase from us! This high quality plastic castor is available with different fittings & wheels and therefore usable for nearly all applications.

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"Manner" - A new member of the Colson Group

The Finnish castor manufacturer Oy Mannerin Konepaja Ab with the brand name "Manner" has now become part of the Colson Group. As a result, the Group's product portfolio is expanding, for example, to include the designer plastic castor series "Tango & Twist".

Herewith we would like to give you an overview and initial information about the new products of the Colson Group.